when i can’t finish
the songs in my head
the tunes in my heart
this dark dread
when i can feel
no pain in pain
no sense of grief
when tears fail to fall
and the hurt
is all i can keep
how do we find closure
when i can’t smell
your hair in my face
when i can’t
even forget your face
how can i give away
the treasures of my heart
the corners of my mind
the depths of my soul
how do we find closure
when the paths
never seem to end
and go about
in circles infinite
like the ache
i feel in my heart
when it rains at night
when am cold in summer
aching your embrace
when i don’t find
your soul in another
like all the living
were dead
maybe its me
whose dead inside
searching for the unknown
searching for myself
searching for the close
to our closure